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Let’s create change, starting with self-care

Join a community of women who share similar values, grow together, and cultivate generosity to effect social change.

This is Sangha.

Seasonal Sangha

A home for women to slow down, tend to our needs and remember our belonging

Seasonal Sangha is a community of women who gather together online (and once in-person), timed with the rhythms of the earth, to join retreats guided by experts with a feminine take on Vedic wisdom, relevant to modern days.

“We are not the survival of the fittest,

we are the survival of the nurtured.” ~ Louis Cozolino

Cleanse & Rejuvenate

Start each new season with a 7-day cleanse and rejuvenation retreat. This will enhance your vitality, calm your nervous system, and allow your body and mind to reset with yoga, stress reducing Ayurvedic recipes, and herbs. We are cleansing the body so it can prepare it for rejuvenation. This whole process is to facilitate you to live in your dharma, be strong and live long enough to express your gift.

Reflect & Restore

Working with our Earth’s rhythm,  we align ourselves to nature, and our own nature, allowing us to find our ways back to wholeness. We gather at each new moon to reflect, meditate, and focus our intentions, and at each full moon to meditate releasing the old, and making space for the new, while an astrologer shares a monthly Vedic report.

Experience Connection

Practicing with a Sangha of women brings nourishment and meaning to each day. Ignite a sense of purpose and deepen connections by joining our monthly networking events, as we become resourceful agents of change. Lets move from a state of hunger to satisfaction, from consumers to pollinators, and  share in our power to effect social change.

We resist by resting.

We rebel by prioritising our self-care.

We effect change by slowing down.

Our aim is to simplify women’s lives avoiding adding more to their ’to do’ list. We only ask women to come and find refuge in the sangha to support their body, mind, and heart’s wellbeing. Sessions are of course optional.

Sangha Memberships

Choose one of two membership options to join the Seasonal Sangha. We are happy to discuss this in more detail with you during a free discovery call.

Membership Agreement (please read this before joining).

10% of all profits are donated to initiatives nurturing women and the earth.

5% goes to TreeSisters a UK registered reforestation women charity


5% goes towards memberships for women who are otherwise unable to afford Seasonal Sangha

Sangha Remedies

All our products are formulated to support your health and wellbeing.

Made with high-quality organic ingredients grown with respect for nature by small independent farmers, each item is infused with love and care .

During our seasonal retreats, our products help us harmonise our group energy and connect us to a similar frequency to deepen our process together. Each season our formulas are slightly adjusted to ensure optimal healing benefits. In the hot spring and summer months, we provide the Rebalance mix of adaptogens, which offers cooling and soothing benefits. In the colder months, we provide the Rejuvenate mix of adaptogens which is more warming.

It’s important to note that your body will take more time to make the adjustments initiated by herbs than it does with clinical medication. Herbs bring out an organic balance within the body without any major side effects. Our resident herbalist suggests that 'modern medicine’ works quicker but makes your body weaker, while natural medicine works slower but makes your body stronger.

As a general rule, it will take about one month to remedy for each month you have been unwell. We recommend you continue taking each formula for a 3-month protocol or longer as this will enable the herbs to take full effect in your body and help you maintain balance.

Sangha Initiatives

10% of all profits are donated to initiatives nurturing young women, and the earth: 

Punarnava Trust India  – providing eco sanitary products to girls in Tamil Nadu

TreeSisters – a UK registered social change and reforestation charity

Continued investment will allow us to embrace this sacred economy further by building a multigenerational eco-centre, where we will hold retreats; where elders can live, inner city children can explore, and the animals and soil will be nourished.

A physical manifestation of our co-created values and vision.

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