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Sangha FAQs

What if I have never done a retreat before?

No problem! We welcome everyone to Seasonal Sangha. We offer support throughout the whole
process and encourage you to listen to your own body and what it needs at the time of each retreat.
We have created this Sangha to support women and to help them create a life filled with ease and
joy. We are always here for you so feel free to contact us at any point at

What time are the sessions, how long do they last and how often?

Retreats take place seasonally (every 3 months). We will meet every evening whilst on the 7 day cleanse to check in with everyone,
to ask questions, to connect with each other and set intentions for the next day. All meetings will be 8pm – 9pm (1 hour) UK time, with one hours after for those who want to connect with the other members of the sangha. 

How much time will I have to commit to being a part of this membership?

This is entirely up to you. All retreats are optional, so if you find in one period
you cannot attend a retreat, this is ok. We understand that life gets busy. However, we do
encourage you to take part as much as you can to feel supported and to support the wonderful

What if I cannot make all the retreats live?

All our retreats, moon gatherings and networking events will be recorded and available in your
private membership space for one month. We understand that it is not always possible to attend
live, but from 17 years of experience we have noticed that a lot of the magic happens through
connecting live with each other in the moment.

Does each retreat build on from the last, or are they all standalone (i.e., if I miss one, I will not feel behind at the next one)?

Each retreat will focus on cleansing and rejuvenating the body based on the season, so they do
follow the seasons, but they do not follow on from the last. You may find that when you attend all
four retreats during the year you can establish patterns in your own wellbeing based on the time of
the year and can identify any positive/negative changes. All retreats will bring different experiences
and so we encourage you to attend as many as you wish.

Do I need any special equipment/knowledge to take part?

As retreats and other events are online, you will need a device and an internet connection to log in
for sessions. A notepad/journal and pen. No knowledge is needed to take part in retreats we always welcome any wisdom that comes through for you at the time of the sessions.
Our Sangha is here to support you and bring more ease to your life. If at any point you realise you
need more support please contact us at

Can I cancel my membership if I feel it isn’t for me?

Absolutely. From our experience of working in the realm of transformation, the ego will bring
excuses as to why we shouldn’t change the habitual behaviours we are inherently used to, even if
they are not conducive to our wellbeing. If you sit quietly, connect with you inner self, and how it
would feel life you left the Sangha, compared to how it would feel if you stayed, then all we ask is for

you to choose what feels expansive, nourishing the right for you at that time. Only you know this. If
you decide to cancel you are welcome to do so after giving 9 days notice once the trial period has
been completed (see our T&Cs for more details).

Can you breakdown what will happen during the retreats?

Once you become a member you will be sent 7 short videos, a collection of recipes in PDF and an
annual calendar of events. Videos can be viewed at any time that is convenient for you. They include
meditations, yoga and information on the retreats. We suggest that you watch the first 20 minute
video one week prior to the first retreat as this will explain the whole process to you. The retreat will
be broken down into 3 phases, preparation, cleanse and integration. To gain the most benefits from
the cleanse we recommend that you prepare your body by beginning to change the foods you eat in
the week leading up to it. During the cleanse, you will be preparing and eating meals based on the
recipes that are sent out to you. Meals per day will take the pattern of 3, 2, 1, 0, 1, 2, 3 over the 7
days, and you will decide whether this pattern works for you or if you want to maintain 3 meals per
day. You need to listen to your body – you will still gain benefits of the cleanse whatever pattern you
choose. The week after the cleanse is integration, where different and healthier foods based on your
constitution are introduced back into your body. During the cleanse phase, we recommend that you
try to take it easy and clear your schedule as best you can, so that you can rest. We do know this
isn’t always possible, but consciously trying to make this week lighter than other weeks will support
your body during this process. As always we will be here supporting you every step of the way.

Do I need to take the herb formulas to benefit from the retreats?

Our remedies are great for supporting your system before, during and after the retreats, but they are not
essential. You can still gain great benefits by taking part in the community and the retreats and
sharing your own experiences. You could always choose to use herbs for one season by purchasing
them from the shop and see if you notice a difference in your experience. If you decide they work
well for you, then you are always welcome to upgrade your membership to include herb formulas.

Can I switch memberships if I feel that one will suit me better than the other?

Yes, you are able to switch memberships once during a 12 month period, after the initial trial period
is complete. You will need to provide 9 days notice if you would like to make a switch at