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Financial Manifesto

We are a Partnership of Women working in collaboration with women to build a sacred, feminine economy.

One of the goals of Seasonal Sangha is to have complete integrity and transparency with the way that we treat member funds. The fees will be used to provide you with the highest quality seasonal retreats, rituals, network meetings, and workshops, where you are investing time rejuvenating yourselves and learning how to create plenty in all aspects of your life. In addition, we are committed to giving 10% of the profit to initiatives.

Eventually, your continued investment in your wellbeing and the Sangha will allow us to embrace the sacred economy further by building a multigenerational eco-center for retreats and explorations to more nourishing solutions to effect social change.

Where elders can spend their last years, young people can go through initiation to adulthood, animals will be treated as family members, and animals and the soil will be nourished.

But our first investment will be to build our sangha, an online village, a platform for Seasonal Sangha members, so we can simplify your life, protect your nervous system and create a safe space free of algorism making sure that your data will not be passed on.