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Hi! I’m Rina Golan, welcome to our sangha.

In 2019 I felt a powerful awareness that it was time to let go of material attachments ‘stuff’, and focus my energy on a search for community. A search for a Sangha, and Dharma – the two main principles of connectedness.

Lockdown made it even more clear that without meaningful connections, we can so easily fall into addictions, chronic illness and loneliness. The urge to connect and serve was overwhelming, so I took my 17 years of experience as wellbeing practitioner retreat facilitator online, and held free community seasonal retreats. 

It was a deeply touching experience to cleanse and rejuvenate as a collective, with yoga, meditation and using a range of my herbal formulas to deepen our awareness of the Earth’s rhythms, and offer a combined healing prayer to those who were struggling. We had beautiful moments of grief, celebration, and ease in knowing that we were not alone.

Out of this shared experience Seasonal Sangha was born. 

We are inviting 140-150 women to our sangha, big enough to affect change but small enough to remain familiar – the ideal number for a tribe. All of us are on the same path, share the same values, and embody what we wish to see the world. Together, we tune into world rhythms to remember we are part of a greater ecosystem. Every year we gather with the same women to work with those rhythms so we don’t lose ourselves. We create social change by prioritising our wellbeing and returning home nourished, well and happy.

As the Dalai Lama promised us – ‘The rescue of the world will come from western women’.

Let’s do it together.
For the prosperity of all.
With love,

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